Publications Featuring FlowJEM Products

  1. J. Greener, E. Tumarkin, M. Debono, C-H Kwan, M. Abolhasani, A. Guenther, E. Kumacheva, “Development and applications of a microfluidic reactor with multiple analytical probes” Analyst, 2012, 137, 444.

    Development and validation of FlowJEM’s polycarbonate microfluidic reactor and interfacing technology with in situ probes for FTIR, pH and temperature. Temperature control demonstrated.

    Schematic of the MF reactor with integrated  probes.
    Schematic of the MF reactor with integrated probes.

  2. D. Voicu, C. Scholl, W. Li, D. Jagadeesan, I. Nasimova, J. Greener, E. Kumacheva, “Kinetics of Multicomponent Polymerization Reaction Studied in a Microfluidic Format”, Macromolecules, 2012, 45 (11), pp 4469–447.

    Successful use of FlowJEM microfluidic reactor with in situ ATR-FTIR probe to study the kinetics of a multicomponent polymerization reaction.

    Schematic of the microfluidic reactor. ATR probe inserted at P1. A temperature and pH probe were inserted at points P2 and P3, respectively.
  3. J. Greener, E. Tumarkin, M. Debono, A. Dicks, E. Kumacheva, “Education: A Microfluidic Platform for University-Level Analytical Chemistry Laboratories”, Lab Chip 2012, 12, 696-701.

    Demonstration of continuous flow acid-base titration reactions, utilizing FlowJEM microfluidic reactors, as an education microfluidic platform for undergraduate and graduate analytical chemistry courses.

    A photograph of the experimental setup, including a syringe pump (i), a MF reactor with integrated probes (ii) and a pH meter (iii.)
  4. J. Greener, B. Abbasi, and E. Kumacheva, “Attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for on-chip monitoring of solute concentrations,” Lab Chip, 2010, 10, 1561-1566.

    Development and validation of in situ ATR-FTIR probing capabilities.

    Top view of the microfluidic device fabricated in COP, connected to inlet and outlet tubing and interfaced with the ATR accessory. A green dye was used to highlight the channels.