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FlowJEM co-founder, Eugenia Kumacheva, named the University of Toronto’s Inventor of the Year

Toronto, June 6, 2012 - FlowJEM Inc’s Co-Founder Eugenia Kumacheva received the University of Toronto’s Inventor of the Year Award for her work that led to the creation of FlowJEM Inc.

“I was proud to be a post-doctoral researcher in the Kumacheva group. As a result of our efforts, we were able to discover a way to create cost-effective prototypes of polymer microfluidic devices rapidly, which led us to create a new company, FlowJEM Inc,” said Dr. Jesse Greener, Chief Executive Officer of FlowJEM Inc. “I congratulate my co-founder, Dr. Eugenia Kumacheva, for being recognized by the University of Toronto for this prestigious award.”

The University of Toronto presented the award to 15 innovators at a gala at the Banting and Best Innovation Hub on June 7, 2012.

Caption: Dr. Kumacheva being presented the University of Toronto’s Inventor of the Year Award in Engineering and Physical Sciences with representatives from the University of Toronto

About FlowJEM Inc.

FlowJEM is a Toronto-based, microfluidics company that provides services to customers across North America and around the world. Our company was established based on the work conducted by the Kumacheva Polymer Materials Group at the University of Toronto. Originally developed for research and development projects, our focus is on the rapid prototyping of robust, customized microfluidic devices in thermoplastic materials.

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