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FlowJEM Inc Featured in CMC Microsystems’ IMPACT Newsletter

Toronto, February 15, 2013 - CMC Microsystems, one of Canada’s leading national distributors for micro and nano-system products, has featured FlowJEM Inc and its co-founders in its latest newsletter, IMPACT. The article highlights the advantages to purchasing FlowJEM’s thermoplastic microfluidic devices and how it can provide rapid turnaround times for clients.

“FlowJEM Inc and CMC Microsystems have a strong partnership and we are delighted to be featured in the recent IMPACT article. The article highlights the help CMC has provided at developing our technology and potential new markets for our products,” said Dr. Jesse Greener, Chief Executive Officer of FlowJEM Inc.

In addition to academic researchers receiving discounts if they order FlowJEM’s devices through CMC, the article covers how CMC is assist FlowJEM with scale up. CMC is providing research assistance to allow FlowJEM to produce more customized devices simultaneously which will increase production and reduce costs.

“CMC’s promotion of FlowJEM through its networks by listing us as a supplier and by this article has helped us expand our client base. We will have more exposure to academic institutions in particular through the efforts of CMC Microsystems,” said Dr. Eugenia Kumacheva, Chief Technology Officer of FlowJEM Inc.

About FlowJEM Inc.

FlowJEM is a Toronto-based, microfluidics company that provides services to customers across North America and around the world. Our company was established based on the work conducted by the Kumacheva Polymer Materials Group at the University of Toronto. Originally developed for research and development projects, our focus is on the rapid prototyping of robust, customized microfluidic devices in thermoplastic materials.

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