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FlowJEM Inc. to be Listed as a National Supplier by MEMS Network CMC Microsystems

Toronto, September 3, 2012 - FlowJEM Inc. will be connected with academic researcher clients across Canada through being listed by the MEMS Network CMC Microsystems.

“CMC Microsystems will be an important partner to grow FlowJEM Inc’s reach to academic researchers. We are very pleased to be listed with this strategically significant organization and to have their support for our products,” said Dr. Jesse Greener, Chief Executive Officer of FlowJEM Inc. “Through the listing with CMC Microsystems, FlowJEM Inc will be able to offer discounts for academic researchers and allow us to grow our client base for our customized polymer microfluidic devices.”

CMC Microsystems is a non-profit organization funded by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario that supports micro and nano-system research and production and has a national reach that provides a path for commercialization. CMC Microsystems supports Canadian companies looking to expand and conduct research. CMC offers funding support for emerging technologies that allow companies to expand.

“We are pleased to offer FlowJEM Inc’s products to our network of academic and non-academic clients. FlowJEM’s products are innovative and offer low-cost, rapid and customize microfluidic solutions” said Zhao Lu, Staff Scientist, Microsystems, at CMC Microsystems.

FlowJEM’s product line can be accessed on the CMC Microsystems website and through its directory which is accessed by academic researchers and industry clients. FlowJEM’s design rules and product specifications will be available to potential clients along with the professional advisory services of CMC Microsystems.

About FlowJEM Inc.

FlowJEM is a Toronto-based, microfluidics company that provides services to customers across North America and around the world. Our company was established based on the work conducted by the Kumacheva Polymer Materials Group at the University of Toronto. Originally developed for research and development projects, our focus is on the rapid prototyping of robust, customized microfluidic devices in thermoplastic materials.

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FlowJEM Inc.

Zhao Lu, Staff Scientist, Microsystems, CMC Microsystems, 613 530 4791