FlowJEM Products

Thermoplastic Microfluidic Devices

FlowJEM offers customized devices in a range of different thermoplastic materials based on chemical compatibility, optical transparency and temperature stability. Go to design rules

Available thermoplastics:

Cyclicolefin polymer

Please Contact us for other materials you are interested in.

PDMS Microfluidic Devices

FlowJEM offers prototyping in PDMS.

We are pround of being the endorsed supplier for Drop-seq microfluidic chips. Please Contact us for more details.

SU8-Silicon Wafer Service

Please contact our engineer to discuss your need for customized SU8-Silicon wafer service.

Choice of silicon wafer of 4'' and 6''
Silanization service for wafers used as master moulds
Capability of making multi-layer SU8 features

Interface Accessories

FlowJEM’s user-friendly accessory package can enhance functionality of FlowJEM microfluidic reactors.

Interface System

FlowJEM’s optional interface system can accommodate up to 8 fluidic connections, maintains optical transparency and accomplishes:

Interface of fluidic connections with the microfluidic reactor
Interface of miniaturized probes with the microfluidic channel
Reinforcement of the sealed microfluidic reactor with O-rings
to operate at high pressures and flow rates with no leaks

Connection Package

Threaded connectors
Inlet/outlet tubing (1/16”) with inlet syringe adaptor