FlowJEM Technology

FlowJEM’s patent-pending process produces imprint templates which are used to create embossed microfluidic devices in a variety of thermoplastics.

Microfluidic device fabrication starts with the rapid generation of a robust imprint template. The features are transferred to a thermoplastic device by hot embossing and then sealed. The final product is durable over a wide-range of pressures, temperatures, and flow rates.

The durability of FlowJEM’s imprint templates allows them to be used to fabricate a large number of embossed devices with high feature fidelity.

Benefits of FlowJEM Technology

     customization icon              1. Customization of designs

FlowJEM’s innovative manufacturing process makes it possible to work with your designs.   This ensures that your vision is brought to life, unhindered by the limitations of standard designs offered by other companies.   

Have an idea but don’t know where to begin with the design process?  We can help.  Our technical staff provides consulting services, including CAD work.  
We, at FlowJEM, are committed to responding to the specific requirements of each client to further scientific research, progress and innovation.

     time saving icon             2. Time saving

Our rapid stamp production leads to a faster turn-around time of microfluidic devices.  Designs that fall within our design rules can typically be ready within two weeks.  This is especially advantageous for clients with several design iterations, particularly during the prototyping stage.  The faster our products reach you, the faster you’re able to assess, adjust, and move forward.
full piggy bank          3. Cost-Efficient

We save you money.  FlowJEM’s technology cuts down on costs when compared to our competitors.  We in turn, pass on the savings to you.  FlowJEM also doesn’t charge a premium for custom or rush work; for us, those sorts of jobs are the standard, and are incorporated into our pricing.  Cheaper devices means you can purchase several design iterations, or higher volumes; one more way we help to increase your progress efficiency.